Our Story

In 1937, our grandparents, Robert and Avis Johnson had an idea. Barely 20 years old, they borrowed a few hundred dollars and bet everything they had that with hard work, quality products, fair prices and a commitment to treating people right, that a young Norwegian from Mt. Sterling could be successful in the strong Irish community of Seneca! Since then, many things have changed. 3lb coffee is no longer 39 cents, men’s overalls aren’t 99 cents and 25 cents won’t buy 3 bags of corn flakes! The profit from $50 per day in sales, today, probably wouldn’t cover our postage costs!

Now, more than 75 years, countless remodels and 3 generations later, new stories of our history are being written! Our parents, Jerry and Trudy, have retired after dedicating nearly 50 years of service to our business! We are proud to have our brother Brad as part of our management team! There are even occasional glimpses of the next generation taking an interest! As we treasure the many friends that we’ve come to know through the years, we look forward to getting to know the many new faces in our area!

So THANK YOU to all our loyal customers and friends in the community, our dedicated staff and the hundreds of previous employees for all the past years of growth! We will remain committed to the ideals of our parents and grandparents, and invite you to be a part of our exciting future! Thank you!

Artie and Debbie Johnson